Special Orders

Any shape can be ordered in any pattern, however we only place factory orders twice each year.

When will my special order be delivered?

  • Special orders which are included in our mid-January factory order are expected to be delivered to our shop sometime in May/June.

  • Special orders which are included in our mid-July factory order are expected to be delivered to our shop sometime in October/November.

    Any special orders placed between delivery dates will be added to the next factory order.

    Once we place our factory order, the artists begin to prepare each piece by hand to our specifications. Sometimes the piece does not turn out just right and must be made again. This process often takes 10-12 weeks or more. Once the order is received by us, we begin the process of unpacking hundreds of items and prepare our shop for the Open House event where customers are welcome to stop by and pick up their special orders and browse through all the new items. Those who are unable to attend my chose to have their order posted to them instead. Please note that we only ship within Switzerland.

    How to place a special order

    To place a special order, either order an item from the website which is labelled as a special order item or order something from our catalog.

    To order an item from our catalog, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Download our shape catalog
    2. Download the complete price list
    3. Review pattern options

    Choose a shape

    From our shape catalog, make note of the item number as shown below:

    Select a pattern

    There are hundreds of patterns to choose from, but you can find our most popular patterns here. All patterns may be ordered with a blue or white rim. An "X" after the pattern number indicates a blue rim. No "X" then a white rim. Patterns with blue rims tend to be more popular, however some patterns do look better with a white rim. The choice is yours!
    For example, pattern 70A (white rim) and 70AX (blue rim):

    Submit your special order

    To submit your order, please contact us and indicate the shape, pattern number (with or without an X), and the quantity for each item.
    An example order would be:
    • 6 x item number 058 in pattern 377OX
      This item would be represented in our shop as 058/377OX

    Please sign up for our newsletter to be reminded about order deadlines and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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